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System 45B product brochure: System_45_B_Brochure.pdf

Pull-out Cards

About the 9845A: 9845A-0.jpg
Options Errors (blank): 9845A-1.jpg
Syntax (9845A): 9845A-2.jpg
Error Messags (9845A): 9845A-3.jpg
About the 9845B: 9845B-0.jpg
Options Errors (9845B) - I/O, Graphics: 9845B-1.jpg
Options Errors (9845B) - Assembly Execution, Mass Storage): 9845B-2.jpg
Syntax (9845B): 9845B-3.jpg
Error Messages (9845B): 9845B-4.jpg
Option Errors (9845B) - Adv. Programming, Mass Storage: 9845B-5.jpg
About the 9835 (9835): 9835-About.jpg
Syntax (9835): 9835-Syntax.jpg
Error Messages (9835): 9835-Error-Messages.jpg
Option Errors (9835): 9835-Option-Error-Messages-4.jpg
Graphics (9845C): 9845C-1-7121-0254A.jpg
Syntax (9845C): 9845C-2-7121-8678A.jpg
Error Messages (9845C): 9845C-3-7121-0255A.jpg
Error Messages (9845C): 9845C-4-7121-0258A.jpg
About & Option Errors (9845C) - Structured Programming, 7970 Binary: 9845C-5-7121-0725A.jpg


“A Dual-Processor Desk-Top Computer: The HP 9845A”: A_Dual-Processor_Desk-Top_Computer_-_The_HP_9845A.pdf
“Bit-Sliced Microprocessor of the Am2900 Family: The Am2901/2909”: Bit-Sliced_Microprocessor_of_ the_Am2900_Family.pdf

HP Journals

HP Journal May, 1976 edition: HPJournal_1976-05.pdf
HP Journal June, 1976 edition: HPJournal_1976-06.pdf
HP Journal November, 1977 edition: HPJournal_1977-11.pdf
HP Journal April, 1978 edition: HPJournal_1978-04.pdf
HP Journal May, 1979 edition: HPJournal_1979-05.pdf
HP Journal December, 1980 edition: HPJournal_1980-12.pdf


CS/80 Instruction Set Programming Manual: 5955-3442_cs80-is-pm.pdf
Subset 80 for Fixed and Flexible Disc Drives (HP-IB Implementation): 5958-4129_SS80_Nov-1985.pdf
Tape Rethreading: Tape_Rethreading.pdf
Using HP E2080A LIF Utilities for the PC: Using_E2080ALIFUtilitiesForThePC_E2080-90000_55pages_Apr90.pdf

Technical Patents

US3692255 (DC100) "Belt driven tape cartridge": US3692255.pdf
US3971925 "Adaptable programmed calculator having provision for plug-in keyboard and memory modules" (includes firmware listing) (HP9805): US3692255.pdf
US4089059 "Programmable calculator employing a read-write memory having a movable boundary between program and data storage sections thereof" (includes firmware listing) (HP9815): US4089059.pdf
US4012725 "Programmable calculator" (includes firmware listing) (HP9830): US4012725.pdf
US4075679 "Programmable calculator" (includes firmware listing) (HP9825): US4075679.pdf
GB1568094 "Programmable calculator" (same as above, but British patent document, includes firmware listing) (HP9825): GB1568094.pdf
DE2655241 "Programmierbarer Rechner" (same as above, but German patent document, includes firmware listing) (HP9825): DE2655241.pdf
US4180854 "Programmable calculator having string variable editing capability" (HP9845A): US4180854.pdf
US4330839 "Programmable calculator including means for automatically processing imformation stored on a magnetic record member" (HP9815): US4330839.pdf
US4367465 "Graphics lightpen and method for raster scan CRT" (HP9845): US4367465.pdf
US4437156 "Programmable calculator" (HP9825): US4437156.pdf
US4455618 "Programmable calculator" (HP9845A): US4455618.pdf
US4566072 "Programmable calculator including means for digitizing the position of an X-Y plotter pen" (HP9815): US4566072.pdf

Design Patents

D244862 "Casing for an electronic calculator" (HP9815): D244862.pdf
D245107 "Electronic calculator" (HP9815): D245107.pdf
D245810 "Casing for an electronic calculator" (HP9825): D245810.pdf
D249090 "Casing for an electronic calculator" (HP9825): D249090.pdf
D256133 "Casing for an electronic calculator" (HP9845): D256133.pdf


ROM board schmatics & PCB layout (Eagle data):
Turn-on fixture (Eagle data):
Feature board schematics (Eagle data):

See additional schematics in the Document Section.


9845 Utilities for 9845 BASIC listings:
System firmware disassemblies with cross reference, hexdump and string analysis for 4 selected system configurations and two keyboard layouts (U.S. and German). Including firmware object code:
Power-on memory test (assembler listing): Memorytest.asm
List of all ROMs released by Hewlett-Packard (Excel format): Romlist.xls
Mouse driver and demo application listings:

9845 Software

Operating system ROM packages for different HP9845 configurations:
Option ROM packages:
3rd Party Option ROM packages:
Binary programs:

System ROM dumps for different HP9845 configurations:

EEPROM images for 28C256 (U.S. keyboard layout):  
LPU 28C256 EEPROM images for systems equipped with a standard (hybrid) processor:
LPU 28C256 EEPROM images for systems equipped with a fast (bit-slice) processor:
PPU 28C256 EEPROM images for systems equipped with a standard (98750A) monochrome CRT display:
PPU 28C256 EEPROM images for systems equipped with an enhanced monochrome (98780A) or color (98770A) CRT display:

Same as above but PPU with German keyboard layout:  
PPU 28C256 EEPROM images for systems equipped with a standard (98750A) monochrome CRT display:
PPU 28C256 EEPROM images for systems equipped with an enhanced monochrome (98780A) or color (98770A) CRT display:

9845 B/C System Exerciser Rev. E, including TBIN test binary (disk version):
Image with mouse driver and demo application:

9835 Software

Operating system ROM package for HP9835A/B:
Option ROM package for 9835A/B:
Binary programs: -not yet available-

Projects Software

Custom PortIO Driver 1.0 for 32-bit Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7:
Custom TNT4882/TNT5004 Driver 3.2 for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows XP/Vista/Windows7/8/10:

HPDrive 4.0 RC1 Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows7/8/10:
HPDrive 4.0 RC1 for 32-bit and 64-bit Linux: hpdrive-40rc1-bin-linux.tgz
HPDrive 4.0beta7 for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows7/Windows8 executable:
HPDrive 3.01 for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows7 executable:

HPDir 3.0 RC1 for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows7/8/10:
HPDir 3.0 RC1 for 32-bit and 64-bit Linux: hpdir-30rc1-bin-linux.tgz
HPDir 2.03 for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows7 executable:

Fdio 2.0 for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows7 executable:

Digitizer/Plotter/Sound (DPS) Emulator 1.0 beta for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista executable:

Sample MAME build (HP 9845 emulator only) for 32-bit and 64-bit Linux, based on MAME 0.186, includes all required executables: hp9845-mame-bin-linux-32.tgz
Sample MAME build (HP 9845 emulator only) for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, based on MAME 0.186, includes all required executables:
ROM set for HP 9845 (system firmware plus Option ROMs):
Supplemental files for the HP 9845 emulator (includes some diagnostic/demo tapes and disks, scripts, samples & artwork):
Patches to the MAME source code for things which are not yet in the official MAME source distro:

9845 Utilities for PC 1.03 beta Windows 9x/ME executables:
9845 Utilities for PC 1.03 beta Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista executables (needs DlPortIO driver for Analyze):
9845 Utilities for PC 1.03 beta source code package:
File transfer utilities 2.0 beta 2 Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 executables:
9845 Utilities 4.0 for 9845 disk image (hpi file):
9845 Utilities 4.0 for 9845 BASIC listings:

Asm45 1.1 Windows executable:
Asm45 1.1 source code package:

Other Software

Uniprog EPROM Programmer Sources, compile in GNU/Linux or Windows with mingw:
Changes for 28C64 support and "burn-in" ROM test with Willem programmer:

Kermit file transfer implementation for HP9845:

TD2HPI utility to convert Teledisk images into hpi images: